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Sacramento, CA

Low End Theory Collaborative (LETC) is a non-profit organization that works independently and in conjunction with other organizations to provide customized academic programming, professional career development, community based event planning services, and more with a framework and approach centered around hip hop culture.





Ken Times, M.S.  aka "KT"

Born and raised in Sacramento – Hip Hop culture has been a constant in my life since the late 70’s.  I attended community college and later transferred to Howard University (during the Golden Era of Hip Hop); graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.  Going back to Cali; I completed my master’s degree in counseling at CSU Sacramento and began teaching in the Los Rios Community College District, eventually securing a faculty position at Sacramento City College as an adjunct instructor and counselor in their EOPS program. Looking for ways to integrate Hip Hop culture with my career interests, I co-developed a College Success class with a Hip Hop emphasis and co-founded the non-profit organization, Low End Theory Collaborative (LETC) which allows me to combine my passions for Hip Hop culture, education and community empowerment.


Adam Freas, M.S. aka “Freas”

From Florida to Cali, I have been blessed to grow up in a wide spectrum of cultural experiences, which I feel played a fundamental role in my connection to hip-hop culture.  My education features time served in the community college and 4 year university systems.  I have a B.A. in Communication & Media and an MS in Counseling from Sacramento State University.  I am currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at University of the Pacific.  Following my graduate work, I co-founded a non-profit called “Low End Theory Collaborative” that focused on providing community & educationally based services in a hip-hop context.  I am also currently an instructor and counselor at Sacramento City College, where I teach a College Success course with a Hip-Hop cultural emphasis.  With that said, at the end of the day, I am I am a Father of 2, an Emcee, and an educator.


Jesus Limon, M.A.

Though born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Jesus grew up in the diverse community of South Sacramento. There, he has walked the line between two dominant cultures: immigrant paisanos (stubbornly proud and driven by hard work) and hip-hop natives (relentlessly creative and driven by survival mechanisms). As end educator, his pedagogical stance is the blend of these two worlds. He has earned an A.A. in Social Science from Sacramento City College, a B.A. in English Creative Writing, and an M.A. in English Literature from CSUS. For the past ten years, he has helped to create and implement projects that center around community empowerment though Hip-Hop methodologies.

Leon Washington, M.S.

A Social Worker who is using the influences of "Hip-Hop" culture as a means to facilitate dialogue, reflection, and action for youth/families in social services, education, and community.

Andrés Rodríguez, M.A.

I was born in San Francisco and raised in Woodland, CA. I attended UC Santa Cruz (Banana Slugs!) as an undergrad where a writing course on hip-hop made me realize that combining my two passions - hip-hop culture and education - was a possibility. It was further solidified during my 6-month internship with LETC in the summer of 2009 researching hip-hop culture as a form of cultural empowerment in the classroom setting. I continued on with this research as a graduate student in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University, specifically focusing on hip-hop culture as a form of critical and culturally-relevant pedagogy in the community college setting. Since graduating with my M.A. in Ethnic Studies in May 2013, I’ve taught ethnic studies, history, and sociology courses at Woodland Community College, Sacramento City College, and San Francisco State University, using hip-hop pedagogy as a tool for teaching, learning, and cultural empowerment. 


Michael Brim aka "DJ Mic B"

I am fortunate to have over 25 years of experience with working with youth and their families.  I have facilitated and coordinated recreation programs, provided crisis intervention and case management for homeless families, directed programs for homeless and at-risk teens and young adults, and developed and facilitated job readiness/life skills workshops for transition age youth ages 18 to 24 years old.  In 2009, I founded The Cypher Hip Hop Workshops.  This is a program that provides youth with the opportunity to express themselves artistically through dance, visual art, rap/poetry, and music.  The curriculum also uses the five elements of Hip Hop culture (Deejaying, Emceeing (rapping), Graffiti Writing, Breaking, and Knowledge as tools to engage youth in the process of building their literacy skills, recognizing their self-worth, understanding how to set and accomplish goals, and build positive decision making and conflict resolution skills In each workshop session, Hip Hop videos documentaries, movies, or songs will be used to initiate dialog and discussion related to the aforementioned life skill areas.  In addition to the life skills and artistic components, the youth will learn about the history of Hip Hop culture.  I have provided this program at various elementary, middle and high schools in Sacramento, as well as The Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Parks and Recreation Teen Programs, and number of non-profit housing programs in the Sacramento area.  I also volunteer once a month, Deejaying at the Wind Youth Center Program for homeless and at-risk teens.  The passion that I have for developing programs for youth, as well as working directly working with them, is equally matched by my passion for and knowledge of Hip Hop culture. 


Nina Rebultan aka "Nina Ross"

I was born in Los Angeles county and lived in LA,  Long Beach, Stockton and now in Sacramento. California is my heart and Hip Hop is my first love. Better known to my Hip Hop family ass Nina Ross or Miss Chief, I'm a turntablist junkie who doesn't DJ, a graff head who doesn't write, an emcee critic who doesn't rap, a two stepper that can uprock but no flares or crab walks. A head nodder. An admirer of the art and kulture. An enthusiast, if you will. I specialize in the element of knowledge wisdom and overstanding. My B.A. is in Organizational Communications from Sac State. I ORGANIZE through HIP HOP and COMMUNICATE through its elements. If I'm not learning the history or analyzing lyrics, you may find me conducting a workshop or connecting groups with the same vision. I bring people together in the name of hip hop. I support talented artists on the way to their dreams. I learn from my gurus. I am hip hop. Peace.

Todd Shima, M.A. aka "Boogalicious"

Fourth-generation Japanese fully entrenched in the vinyl and Hip Hop culture as well as in the field of education and social change. Academically, I have a B.A. in Sociology, M.A. in Multi-Cultural Education and M.S. in Counselor Education. Professionally, Todd has 10 years experience in the mental health field in addition to teaching counseling and ethnic studies courses at various Northern California community colleges. Currently, Todd works as an international counselor in the Peralta Community College District and teaches Asian American Experience at Sacramento City College. Todd also belongs to Low End Theory Collaborative non-profit organization, assisting those in need, using education and Hip Hop as a vehicle for change. 


Roderic T. Agbunag M.S. aka "Roddy Rod", "Rodamus"

For as far back as I can remember, Hip Hop has been a major part of my life.  From the days of Filipino parties in the Bay Area with Mobile D.J.s and B-Boys/B-Girls, late night tape recordings of my favorite songs off the radio and freestyles from KMEL's "Wake Up Show", memorizing lyrics form Run-DMC, KRS-One, EPMD, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Rakim, The Roots, etc... As a Filipino-American, Hip Hop culture gave me a chance to express myself and relate to others through lyrics, dance, and art. Now as a Counselor and Instructor at American River College, I use the core values of Hip Hop (Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun) to help empower and educate our community. Through afterschool programs, men's groups, advising school Hip Hop clubs, and youth workshops and conferences, I pursue to preserve the culture of Hip Hop and all the elements, including the often overlooked element of Knowledge. I strongly believe that Hip Hop is a powerful tool to help educate, empower,  and create social change.

Michael Chappell, M.S. aka DJ Mike Chapeas

I am an Admissions Counselor and Transfer Credit/Degree Advisor at Sacramento State University. I'm also an Adjunct Counselor/Instructor within the Los Rios Community College School District (American River College, Cosumnes River College and Folsom Lake College) located in the Sacramento area. I’m heavily involved in the Sacramento community with our youth and enjoy working with them. I’ve been involved with LET-C for more than 5 years. I’m also a resident Hip Hop Deejay and live/breathe the Hip Hop Education/Culture!